Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Drawing Sent

I finally got around to sending the Malkin drawing to the MLF. It's taken a while to get to this stage as life events have been getting in the way. Struggling with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome and the possibility of a huge move to the USA haven't made things any easier. However, I am doing better and we will find out in the next few weeks whether Denver will be our new home.

I am working on a Letang drawing at the moment, simply because I need to draw my favourite Penguin, to keep myself sane. I will post a photo of it when it's complete. The Pens are dominating the Pre-season games at the moment and are 4 for 4. GO PENS lets make it a clean sweep.

Sunday, September 12, 2010


Wow time flies! Yeah.... I know.... no new drawings as yet, well that is about to change tonight. I AM going to get back into it. I've had a lot of family and health issues plaguing my home lately so I'm sorry for the lack of art. I am also studying photography as well, so I have assignments deadlines too... life is busy! Thanks for all of you who have contacted me via facebook and given me the push I needed to get back to my drawing table. Thank you for supporting me and in turn supporting the Pens.

I am sending my 'Malkin' drawing off to the foundation this week, and I'll be drawing and sending the Letang picture sometime soon. I have decided to try and send a drawing to the foundation on a regular basis, maybe one every three months. This will hopefully give them enough for the online auctions and the major auctions at gala events throughout the season.

People often ask me why I support the Mario Lemeuix Foundation. Well it's quite simple. I come from a family that has faced more than its fair share of cancer. My grandfather Frank passed away from prostate cancer, my Cousin Scott has survived cancer and a brain tumor, and 3 women in my family, including my mother, have fought and won the battle against breast cancer. So for me, it's my way of giving back, to help those who need it most.