Friday, April 29, 2011

Quest For The Crown Hockey Fights Cancer Tournament

This weekend will be filled with hockey, and I'm not talking just the playoffs. Donating my time to The Quest For The Crown hockey tournament, with all proceeds going to Hockey Fights Cancer. Meeting up with The Goalie Guild's Justin Goldman last night to drop off the Duchene drawing was awesome. Great to finally meet the man behind the tweets.

The drawing was well received and when I get comments like 'the photos on your site don't do the real thing justice' I get a little stunned. It's one thing to have family and close friends comment on my work, but to have comments like that from total strangers is uplifting, and it inspires me to draw more. It was unfortunate I only had time to get one drawing done, next year however there will be a few more.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Slightly Sidetracked... so not like me... much!

Well I was going to draw another pic for the tourney, I still have time so no drama. Instead I decided to do a drawing for a photographer that takes awesome pics, thanks Dave! He's a Red Wings fan so no Penguins for him, however Datsyuk is one of my faves, so it wasn't all that painful.

Friday, April 15, 2011

1st Drawing for 'The Quest for the Crown'

Well I finally finished it... Still going to try for 3 drawings but I think I'll only get 2 done. Time is being chewed up by unpacking, job hunting, and getting paperwork/leagals done so I can stay in the country, it's a nightmare let me tell you! International moving SUCKS!

Welcome Matt Duchene to the Blog. Here's hoping it fetches a handsome price at silent auction to help Hockey Fights Cancer. Next up is Joe Sakic, and hopefully later Patrick Roy.